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Improve your decision-making by diagnosing and analyzing your figures

We don’t just aim to guarantee the respect of legal, accounting and tax obligations.
We also offer our complete support to the company and its manager.

Our services

  • Business plan & support of the entrepreneur
  • Financial and operational diagnosis with monitoring of indicators
  • Analysis and assistance in the determination of your production costs
  • Research for financing and presentation to financial partners
  • Remuneration strategy, retirement, status & social welfare of the manager
  • Organisation of pension and employee savings solutions
  • Patrimonial and fiscal engineering

Our goals

  • Anticipate your results and take corrective mesures if necessary
  • Reduce the time required for decision-making
  • Have a clear vision of your development strategy
  • Secure and optimise the constitution and the transmission of your assets
  • Be accompanied by carefully selected specialists (solicitors, asset management adviser, tax experts).

  • Monitor, measure and improve your performances
  • Organise, secure and prepare the transmission of your professional & private assets
  • Optimise your social and fiscal status
  • Establish and keep a clear vision of your entrepreneurial strategy