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Business management

Manage and Pilot your Business

Privileged adviser of your company, your accountant is by your side
and advises you on the solutions which allow you to develop and to secure your activity.
FIGECAL helps you in everyday life by setting up essential management tools to
monitor the performance of your company.

Our goals

  • Determine the most relevant indicators to measure the activity and the efficiency of your company
  • Take corrective measures if necessary
  • Measure, analyze the figures and act to reduce costs and increase value
  • Plan and anticipate the profits in order to make strategic decisions at the right time (investment, recruitment, development of new markets or new products, employee savings, …)
  • Improve the management of your company and optimize the profit at the end of the year
  • Define and build a development strategy

In brief, our  business management service includes:

  • Budget estimate
  • Help in building your strategy based on your operational and financial objectives
  • Reporting through personalized and periodic scorecards
  • Management of the activity by monitoring the action plans
  • Financial and operational diagnosis by monitoring the indicators
  • Analysis of the company’s internal and external environment (strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities) 

The role of a statutory auditor 

  • Ensure the regularity and the sincerity of the accounts
  • Ensure the concordance of the financial information supplied to the general assembly with the annual accounts
  • Evaluate your information system, obtain notification of possible deficiencies and recommendations
  • Improve internal organization and progress in terms of skills and efficiency
  • Obtain support during board of director meetings and the annual general meeting.
  • Reassure third parties (bankers, investors, suppliers, tax office, foreign partners)
  • Secure your operations (capital contributions, transformation, merger, acquisition,…)

  • Reduce the time required for decision-making
  • Anticipate your profits
  • Ensure efficiency
  • Improve profitability