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Let us assist you to fulfill your business projects

Our creation service will support you during the development of your project. Starting from your initial idea, we will be there to accompany you.
Our team will collaborate with you to develop a secure financial strategy, we will take care of the administrative work and will do everything possible to boost your efficiency.

And as we would really like to see your business succeed, we will guide you through your first months of activity and analyze your first figures !

Our services

  • Support from a business set-up specialist : skills, experience, independence and security
  • Knowledge of your business and comparison with other companies of your sector
  • Long-term guidance for business sustainability
  • Professional network: our firm has partnerships with numerous specialists (solicitors, lawyers, insurers, bankers, …)

Complementary services

  • Digital tools to help define your project (e-creation)
  • A visual presentation received by email (computer, tablet, smartphone)
  • Monitoring of your activity over the first 12 months (scorecards, sector comparisons, imaged balance sheets, …)

  • Help with decision-making over the first months of activity
  • Reassurance of third parties financing your project
  • Risk Limitation 
  • Save time and focus on your business