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Comply with your obligations whilst developing your business

Our auditors will certify your annual accounts, highlight any reprehensible facts
and if necessary, will warn you if your activity is having difficulties.
Besides the missions of Statutory auditor, our specialists are able to share their auditing skills on other missions.

Other missions 

  • “SACC” ( = other services than accounts’ certification)
  • Certificates (limited examination, situation, subsidy, …)
  • Specific Audits on request (expense claims, computing, …)
  • Capital Contributions audit
  • Transformation audit
  • Merger audit
  • Acquisition audit
  • Contractual audits


  • Extensive analysis of the internal organisation
  • Analysis of computer data
  • Mission report and recommendations for the manager


  • A dedicated and engaged team
  • An organised and strategic intervention
  • Independence and ethical practice